About Junior Software Engineer.,

Generating youth employability

Junior Software Engineer (JSE) is a job designation popularly roaming in software companies for entry level and medium level software or application developers. Coined with our mission document “Generating youth employability”, we Acharya Virtual Solutions enlightens many young aspirants to find their route to settle their future. We empowers the candidates to strengthen their core developmental skills to sustain in the software field.

Our main theme of Junior Software Engineer to create awareness about IT opportunities among Engineering and PG students, let them know about their own strength, what is the correct skills required to work in a software company, skills to be upgraded period to period, gives them biggest opportunity to join as Junior Software Engineers after a screening test with the motto of Job First-Training Next.

Those who joined as Junior Software Engineer job will be given training in leading technologies in software field from very basic to expert level. Strong programming logics, development skills, designing skills, architecture skills, DB development and design, frameworks, testing, debugging, deployment and maintenance, support, client interaction, ticket raising, solving issues, SQL server online integration, application hosting in server and managing hosting accounts

L3 Training

This expert level training is supported by a stipend to JSE’s for a period of 1 year based on the training fee they are paying. The training which is given to them is called Level3 (L3) training enables them to develop a real-time software applications. Within 2-3 years of JSE they will get a salary range of 30k to 40k or more based on their skills and job profile.

Route to Join as JSE

  • Attend free seminar-> join as JSE
  • Attend free seminar-> Attend workshop-> join as JSE
  • Attend free seminar-> Attend workshop-> Join SDPT-> Extend to JSE

Selection: Based on interest in software field followed by a screening test.
Stipend: Based on training fee they are paying.
Training fee: Yes, training fee is there for JSE and it is based on the selection of modules.
Job confirmation: Yes, those who are attending all 4 modules will be enrolled as JSE with an offer letter confirmation.

Vision and Mission

Understand and harness the value of content by delivering information it to right person at right time. Improving relationship with potential customers by giving them correct, precise and efficient information


Acharya truly believes in the development of its people, on a professional and personal level, through continuous training, development and coaching. We want our people to be the best, not just in the local environment, but nationally and internationally..


Acharya Virtual Solutions is founded with the mission of Generating Youth Employability through its various IT and IT enabled services. A person or client, who is having a reason to engage with us through either of service, has a grand reason to smile..


Branding Acharya as a world leader in Uplifting Unemployed Youth is our vision of future. Our mission is determined with this vision. We provide all kinds of platforms to our clients to succeed in their service goal for what reason they team up with Acharya...